Align to the right for RTL languages

In Hebrew and other RTL languages (such as Arabic), text is usually aligned to the right, in some widgets I have this ability (like labels) but in others no, this is very frustrating for me and the users.
I’m talking about following widgets :
Embed tables
All input widgets such as select single, Text

On label widgets you can align the text to the right, center, left, why can’t I do the same on those widgets ?

Thank you,
Amit Berku

Hi Amit,

Thanks for the great suggestion! I have communicated this request to our product team and they will be looking into it. There is some ongoing work on input widgets that this may be able to be part of :slight_smile:

Hi Beth,
Any news about this issue ?


Hi Amit - No updates I can give right now. This ticket is in our system and the team has been discussing both this request and broader language support across the platform. I have let them know this is very much a priority for you!