Use RTL in tables for right to left languages

In right to left languages such as Hebrew and Arabic, all text in tables is aligned to the left by default without any ability to align it to the right as it supposed to be and combine the Hebrew (I believe that in Arabic it will be the same) with English letters make it unreadable because the English letters goes right while the Hebrew letters remains on the left, a mess.

When will you support multi language UI ? and RTL ?

Amit Berku

Hey @Amit-

Just talked to our head of design about this one (it has been a topic floating around for a few weeks)-

At a most basic level this is very doable, allow users to statically define left or right justification of a table field, the issue comes when we start automatically adjusting the justification based on the logged in users language with the Multilingual feature:

Automatically changing the justification for all text based on the logged in language means your app would effectively have a state for each language, that you would need to be able to see and edit in the editor to insure all formatting works in all supported languages. This is a bit more challenging, because right now widgets can’t be independently reformatted for each language. What if the RTL Text is off screen but in LTR it is on screen?

Additionally, correct design patterns for RTL languages are flipped from LTR design patterns, so your Next button should be in the opposite corner, and the arrow associated with it should be facing the other direction. Do we automatically reformat your app to flip all of its elements? Again we get back to needing the ability to effectively edit any features of an app, for each supported language, independently.

So in short,
Statically defining one field to be RTL is a pretty quick win and likely something we will be supporting sooner rather than later (not actively being worked on, so not in the next month), but dynamically formatting based on logged in language is a way more challenging problem that we likely wont tackle in 2022.

Hope this context helps explain the delay,

Hi Pete,
How much work would it be to align existing data within embed tables to the right or center, no matter what text is inside ?