Dual-Lingual Options

Hi All!
On our shop floor there are operators using the tulip app created that English isn’t their first language. As a result, they’re having difficulties understanding how to maneuver through the app. Is there an easy solution to accomidate the app for speakers of a different language other than English? For most workers, Spanish is their first language, if that changes it at all.
Thank you for your help!!

hello @txh3467!! that’s a great question, thanks for asking.

one way I’ve seen it done well in the past is by using a Table that contains the translations. if you create a Table similar to this one:

you can then update the text in your app based on language in the Table Record that the user selects:

this is what the resulting app would look like:

is this similar to what you had in mind?? let us know if this makes sense and if you need help building it!!

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Thank you so much for that, that was very helpful!!

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