View what language the browser or tulip player is in and set as a variable

Is there a way that we could see what the user has set their language as in a browser or the tulip player? This would allow us to retrieve our language variables automatically for our users. Possibly display it as an “app info” variable.

Hey @Jeff, thanks for your suggestion. I’m one of the Product Managers at Tulip and I have some good news regarding this: We’re currently in the final stages of developing our new feature set for natively enabling translation of Tulip Apps. The specific “App Info” you are asking about will be part of this feature. I’m fairly sure, though, that the overall feature will help you beyond that and maybe even replace your specific ask.

I’d be more than happy to have a chat with you about your use case/s and discuss how our upcoming capabilities will help with them. If you are interested in such a conversation, please send me a quick note to stefan(at)

Looking forward to chatting!