Internationalization / Localization of Apps

Delivering apps in the language of our operators is very important. Operators have a better user experience and the training effort can be drastically reduced. For some regions/countries, local language support is a must. .

The current options in Tulip have caveats that multi-language deployments difficult:

  • Duplicate app and provide the app in local language.
  • Duplicate steps and use language specific step (basically same effort as prior option but at least one app version to manage)
  • Use a Tulip table with rows representing the language and use columns to represent the translated key. Then load the respective row from the table and map the columns to the label placeholders in the app. This adds complexity and has limitations of 200 columns ( = 200 keys) per table.

While localization is more broad then just language (decimal notation, date/time format, currencies, etc. ), I would be happy to get basic support into the platform.

Many web apps use (e.g. that are based on angular or electron) use i18n as a mean to offer localization.

Maybe something like this could be incorporated into the App Editor or as a first step allow a i18n localization file to be added to an app.

Thanks for the consideration.

Hey @jas

We are in the final phases of releasing a feature to resolve this pain point. It would allow native translation of apps into a bunch of languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Chinese
  • Polish

The correct language for an app would be based on the user logged into the player, so this would remove the prior need to duplicate apps to manage multiple languages.

This feature is scheduled to go out in r228 behind a feature flag, but connect with your customer team and they can walk you through getting this feature enabled for you.



Its great to hear the support for app translation is on the way. Will there be any translated/subtitled Tulip University training soon?

Were currently working with a French site who is struggling with app builder builder training, has anyone found an easy way to translate the Tulip uni yet?


Hey @Aiden.M,

Here is a video walking through this feature. Release notes for this feature should go out tomorrow, and an accompanying knowledge base article is scheduled to go out Monday.

Thankfully this feature is very simple, so there isn’t really a need for a dedicated university course.


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Hey @Aiden.M-

Just realized you are talking about the university courses specifically. This thread was primarily just about general app localization. Talked to our head of university and supporting multilingual is on his roadmap, but a pretty big lift so I would’t expect it in the next few months.

Thanks again for the feedback,

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