Analysis to Detect Duplicate Log Entries & Display in Table Format

I am working with essentially an electronic logbook which primarily has entries written through scanning of equipment barcodes as they are processed. I am looking to provide metrics on how many duplicate entries there are per day, as well as a table displaying the repeated barcodes and pertinent related table infos.

Hey @jmlowden, thanks for the question. This is definitely something you can do but, like many things in Tulip, there are a lot of possible ways to get to the same endpoint. Can you say a little bit more about what your desired end goal is? Is it is a single number of duplicate barcodes? Is it a table with duplicate entries? Do you need to be able to share it with folks outside of the production center or is it just for use at the point of work.

It might seem like a lot of questions for a simple ask, but any additional context you can provide around use, format, and goals will help me set you in the right direction.

P.S. There are two office hours sessions today:

If you’re free, we’d be more than happy to build this with you live.