Announcement: Deprecating Old University Courses

Hi Folks,

I wanted reach out to let you know that we’ve made the decision to deprecate some old content in Tulip University. As of today, users will no longer have access to the following courses:

  • Build a Basic Work Instruction Application
  • Build a Training Application
  • Build a Production Visibility Application
  • Build a Traceability Application
  • Build a Quality Inspection Application
  • Build an Advanced Work Instruction Application

These were popular courses, but they reflected Tulip circa 2019, and we have newer content that more accurately reflects both the platform and the techniques necessary to be successful with it. These courses are high priority on our roadmap, and we’ll be publishing new versions of these courses in the coming weeks and months.

If your training program relied on any of these courses, we recommend the following as substitutes:

  • Get Started Path (Intro to Tulip, Basic App Design and Logic, Working with Data and Tables, Intro Analytics)
  • HTTP and SQL Connectors
  • Feature Deep Dive: Tulip API
  • Feature Deep Dive: Table Queries and Aggregations
  • Tulip Challenges to practice any features/techniques that you need work on
  • Other courses that suit your particular needs.

If you have any questions or recommendations, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at