App Accesses Station Camera Without Assignment

Hello Tulip Team,

I’m working with vision’s snapshot feature. Instead of selecting a specific camera to connect to, can you just tell the app to locate the station’s camera that you’re using?

For example: I have 4 stations I’m using the same app on, but if they all want to connect to Station 1’s camera that’s an issue.

I found a work around by creating transitional logic dependent on station name info and creating extra steps to connect to the correlating camera, but I was wondering if there was a simpler way by just recognizing a connected camera to the current station you’re on.

Hi @ashchav20
You can create a single Camera Configuration, and assign it in Shop Floor/Stations to all the different stations you want to take a snapshot in.
Then in your App trigger, you can always reference the same Camera Configuration (under “Device” drop down) and it will take the camera in that station assigned to the configuration.

This way you can keep you app static/the same and get the same result in every station it will run in.

Do let us know if you’re successful!

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