Assigning stations to app

Hi Gio,
As you see I have created my stations but they can not be picked or opened and do not know hoe to relate them to the created app.

Thanks, Ishmael

hello @ishmaelg, if you select one of the Stations (Phone 3, for example) you will see the App Assignment screen on the right panel show up.

can you try that and let us know if it works??


Hey @ishmaelg, I recently recorded a video demonstrating how to use stations. Hope this helps:

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Hi John, Thanks for your clear recorded video. But my prob is that after I created the stations and when I click the station taps, they do not open, so I can add more Info.!! Pls. advise

Good morning Gio, when I select the station (exp. 3), the right panel shows up but this does not work with my new created stations, as I described in my earlier email.

Good morning again John, I just figured it out. I was creating group stations and that is why I was unable to open the tap or see the right Info. Panel.

Thanks, Ishmael

Good morning again Gio, I just figured it out. I was creating group stations and that is why I was unable to open the tap or see the right Assignment screen on right.

Best, Ishmael

happy to hear you were able to resolve it @ishmaelg!!

Hello Gio,
I know how to copy steps within an App., but how do I copy a Step from one App. into another App.?

Or coping steps to another Station?

hello @ishmaelg,

my apologies, I forgot that we recently added this feature.

to copy a Step, you can simply right click the step:

and paste it in the destination app:

Hello Gio,
Pls. see your email below.

ah, OK. thanks for clarifying @ishmaelg!!

yes, I can certainly show you how to Copy/Paste Steps from apps in next week’s Office Hours.

Hello Gio,
I have all set with Copy/Paste steps, pls. guide me through the issues below:
1- How do I assign several Apps. under a Group, to a single station?
2- In stations (Exp. 4), what do I choose as Current step/Current App. when I have several steps/Apps. as one Group App.? do I choose Splash screen or all steps one by one?
3- After setting up my Apps 7 Stations, where do I simulate or test the actual Apps.?

Thanks, Ishmael

hello @ishmaelg, happy to hear it!! below are the responses to your questions:

click the + button next to Assignments and add them in the dropdown below

it depends on what Step you’d like the App to start on. if you select the Splash Screen, users will start from the app from its first step.

you can test them either by 1. Dev Mode or 2. using the Tulip Player

hope this helps!! in the future, do you mind posting questions separately as different topics here in the community?? thanks!!

Good morning Gio,
When I try to set Triggers for button “Begin” in an App., I leave blank for If and for Then, I set for “Go To Step” command, but it does not work. Pls. advise. Thanks

good morning @ishmaelg, we can certainly see what’s going on here!!

can you send a screenshot of the trigger you’ve created along with a link to the app??

furthermore, would you mind creating new Topics in Support & Troubleshooting - Tulip Community if the question is unrelated to prior topics in this thread?? thanks!!