Assigining Users & Machines in an App

Hi Gio., I have wrapped up my first App., I now like to know how I could assign Users or Machines /Computers to an APP. ? an image is attached

Thanks, Ishmael

hello @ishmaelg, great to hear you’ve completed your first app!!

to assign a Player to a Station, you can drag the Player you’d like to assign to that Station into the given Station.

and User assignment is done on the Player itself. once you go to login on the Player, it’ll give you the option to sign in with the Badge ID of your choice.

Ple. explain to me what you mean by player? Do you mean Tulip Player?

hello @ishmaelg, yes I am indeed referring to the Tulip Player.

here’s a guide on setting up the Tulip Player: 5 - Tulip Player- Download and Setup | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps.

let me know if that helps!!

Hi Gio, I Downloaded Tulip player, but every time I load it, one of the steps in my app. shows up and I can not get out of it!!

Hi Gio, after Tulip re-installation, now it works., but by reading the posts, it is not clear to me where would be my first step to assig user and Machines!!
Thanks, Ishmael

hello @ishmaelg, great to hear!!

to assign a user, you can click your name at the top right (Ishmael Ganjineh) and the last option will be Sign Out. you can then sign in as any user within your instance.

to assign this Tulip Player, you will need to open Chrome and drag the device into the station you’d like.

Hi Gio., when I click my name, all I have is APP & Settings. how are they related to assign users!! and even if they are, I need step by step instruction. This doesn’t make sense to me.

Thanks, Ishmael

hello @ishmaelg, sorry about that.

OK, your Player (PFF-IGANJINEH-MS3) was locked to only one app. I have now unlocked it so it can access any app in your instance and you should be OK to use your newly created app. here’s the setting that was changed:

this guide has some useful information for setting up stations: How to Set Up a Station | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps. please note that while the interface is slightly different, it can be set up in a similar fashion.

can you now select other apps within your instance??

finally, if you’d like we can help during Office Hours on Thursday??

Hi Gio, I have always had access to any created app. per screen shots, my prob. is to assign users & Machines!! I already chk. the referred post, it was not clear for starting of user assign. Furthermore, I need to finish my assignment so unfortunately waiting for office hrs. would be time consuming.

hello @ishmaelg, just to confirm - by Machine are you referring to a Device running a Tulip Player??

if so, you can simply drag it from the Unassigned Machines pane at the bottom of your screen into the Station of your choice. at that point, you will be able to Sign In with any User you’d like.

Good morning Gio, great, not that we have resolved this, how do I assign the user? Right now, everybody has access to all the available apps!
By the way, I have a schedule conflict, so unfortunately I won’t be able to attend tom.'s class.
Thanks, Ishmael

hello @ishmaelg, great to hear the first issue was resolved.

the User assignment is done on the Tulip Player itself. once you sign out of the Tulip Player, you can log back in with the Badge ID of any registered User.

to narrow down the apps that users can access by station. you can select a station and add App Assignments to individual apps (as many as you’d like). as a note: this is done on a per-station basis, not a per-user basis.

thanks for letting me know for tomorrow!!

Good morning Gio., Per our conversation, this is a friendly reminder for your office to Update our Tulip sys. to the latest version.Thanks, Ishmael

hello @ishmaelg, I have just enabled the new Shop Floor on your instance.

here’s a support article you may find interesting: A Tour of the Shop Floor | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps as you get started with the new shop floor.

let us know if you have any questions!!

Hi Gio., to import simulation CAD file into an App., I like to know what type of video files are supported to import and where about I should start.

Thanks, Ishmael

hello @ishmaelg, great to hear from you.

just to confirm, is the CAD simulation a video file?? if so, you can follow this guide here: How to Embed Videos | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps to upload a video.

I would like to point out that you can also upload the STL file (if you’d like to display the CAD file) into an app.

finally, would you mind creating new topics if they are not relevant to prior ones on the thread?? thanks!!