Does Station = instance of Tulip Player?

Hi, relatively new here. Just got the go ahead to start my 30-day trial. I will do try to kick that off on Monday, April 25.

A couple of licensing/configuration questions.

  1. For licensing purposes it sounds as if a Station is defined as a physical device (tablet, phone, PC, etc). Is that correct.
  2. For licensing purposes then, does one instance of a Tulip player equal(more or less) one station?
  3. I understand I have to register Stations in Tulip?? And then assign Apps to each station?
  4. Can several Tulip Apps be run on the same station? Do I need to assign Tulip Apps to specific stations or can they just be ‘dynamically’ called up, instantiated from any place a Tulip player is installed?

Thanks for answering these (I understand, rather basic) questions,

William Kurth

Also, what about when a station gets lost, stolen, or broken? In terms of licensing, station assignments, etc???



Hey @wkurth4008 ,

No sweat! These are good questions for the community! Stations exist (as opposed just paying by the device) because they allow you to digitally connect edge devices to display devices, and regulate what apps each device (or “station”) on your floor can access what applications. A station is just a grouping of things, one of them being the device showing player. To answer your questions specifically:

  1. Yes, effectively a station is 1:1 with a physical device.
  2. Same deal here
  3. That is also right. You can create a station group, and when creating a new station, it will automatically get the app assignments that group has, this is nice if you are deploying 10 devices you want to have the same access. Info here
  4. As many apps as you want can be run from the same station, and one app can actually launch another. This is useful if you want to make a navigation app where users can pick a process (separate app) to work on. We see this a lot with Work Instruction deployments where we want 1 app to launch 100 different work instruction apps.
  5. The device assigned to each station can easily be changed, so if the physical hardware is lost, broken, replace, etc. a new device can just be assigned to that station.

Our objective is to fairly price the product relative to the value you are getting, there are many special cases where sales will make special deals if the $/station model doesn’t work for your use-case. If you think this is you, talk to your sales rep.

Let me know if you have any more questions-

Thanks Pete for your quick and informative and expository response!!! This is great info and answered a couple of other questions I had too!!!

So, another quick question

  1. Where do you get the ‘machine name’ from?? The serial number of the device,a Motherboard UUID, another type of UUID Mac Address, ‘made up’???

Thanks and have a great weekend,


The name you are able to define to be what you want. Yep some customers use the serial number of the display device or the name of the owner.