Bring back Unassigned devices

At our facility we have a lot of users that perform a many diverse tasks. We do not have machines or specific devices that can be tied to a ‘station’. Rather, most of our Tulip use cases revolve around individual users using apps on their mobile phones.

Problem: Station assignments are limiting our Tulip use and deployment given our current tech climate.
Solution: Allow new and existing registered devices to be free from a station assignment (unassigned), and show the unassigned devices in the Shop Floor view to easily manage (like previous Tulip version)

In the previous version of Tulip (pre-May I think?) it had an ‘unassigned devices’ section that worked well for us. The new version forces new devices to assign themselves into a station.

I do not want to have to create individual stations for specific mobile devices - this is redundant work that could perhaps be corrected by allowing an option to select ‘unassigned’ in the station selections. This will allow us more flexibility.

Lastly, allow the site administrator to decide if unassigned devices should have default access to the development version or published version upon device name creation. It used to be set to development version by default in the past and is now set to published by default. The default access level should be determined by the site administrator.