Upcoming Changes to Unassigned Player Device Behavior

In an effort to improve the compliance, security, and transparency of the Tulip Platform, we’re rolling out a few changes related to unassigned Players devices and their ability to run apps. Starting with Factory r255 scheduled to be released on June 18th, 2023, Tulip will begin preventing unassigned Player Devices from running Tulip apps. Please read below to learn more about how these changes may impact your instance.

Why are we making this change?

In Tulip, permissions for which Display Devices can run which Tulip Apps are managed by Station assignment. However, the current behavior allows unassigned Display Devices (unassigned with respect to a Station) to run any Tulip App that exists in an Instance/Workspace. This breaks the intended permission model that is supposed to be managed by the Station. Tulip has decided to change this behavior. Going forward, Tulip will be preventing all apps from running on unassigned Display Devices.

Key Changes

  • Unassigned Players devices will no longer be able to run apps, regardless of their registration method.
  • App builders should assign Player devices to a station or station group that permits running development versions of apps.
  • An error message will be shown if you attempt to use the “Run” button while a Player device is unassigned or assigned to a non-compatible station.

Impact on GxP Mode

  • This will not impact any GxP mode customers on LTS releases until they upgrade to LTS 11 or greater. GxP customers on LTS 10 or lower will see no change in behavior
  • When customers upgrade to LTS 11 or greater, the same restrictions will apply to unassigned Players devices in GxP mode.
  • GxP mode customers will be able to run apps in test mode on unassigned Player Devices only if the allowDevapps feature flag is enabled on their instance.
    • To enable assigning development apps, please contact Tulip Customer Support to have this feature enable on your instance

Introduction of Changes

  • Starting with Factory r252 [Production release May 7th, 2023], a banner message will be displayed if a display device is not assigned to a station

  • This UI element will not interfere with printing and can be dismissed to avoid impacting production.
  • You can view the assignment station of your Player devices in the “Display Devices” page. Unassigned Player devices with have “None” listed under “STATION” column.

  • Unassigned display devices that are / have been running apps are listed by clicking on the ‘Show unassigned display devices’ link in the banner message. The banner message will not be available for LTS customers.

For more information, please feel free to contact Tulip Customer Support via support@tulip.co or live chat through your instance or post a question here.