Improve client registration

  • When registering several devices, provide a way to extract the generated URLs as a list rather than forcing the user to have to go through each and every player one-by-one
  • Allow for a re-registration of a player if needed without having to delete and manually reentering all the assignments to do so instead
  • Add creation date/time to the list
  • Add registration date/time to the list

Hi @sebme,

Thanks for the feedback. Just to clarify - you’re referring to the display devices page and the experience of creating display devices?



Hey @sebme,

Adding onto Jake’s question, for the first point, are you using the “Create multiple display devices” modal and hoping that after it creates the devices that it would provide some kind of list with the generated URLs from those devices to more easily reference?
As for the second point, assignments are set at the station and station group level, so when you re-register a player, are you deleting the station containing the old device as a whole, and creating a new station for the re-registered player?


Hi, yes. We have been using this multi-display station thing otherwise it would be even worse. Since there appears to be no documented way yet to deploy the Tulip Player at scale with an automated default config we have to fall back to generating all the setup URLs in this dialog. The problem is that this is done by a different person than the one who will take care of the actual registration on the shop floor. This means the Tulip admin has to manually generate all those URLs, put them into some table and then hands this off to the other party to deals with executing the registration. Not very user-friendly at present especially if you have a large number of devices to register. Then we had a config change on the instance which required a re-registration of several devices… since there is no “recreate that registration link” button we saw no other way than deleting the display device and recreating it from scratch for each station affected.

Hey @sebme,

Being able to go to a specific display device to re-generate a link is a great idea when you need to make hardware changes that don’t ultimately affect the cloud abstraction in Tulip! Receiving a list of setup URLs is also an important improvement for bulk deployment!

There is also a larger UX pain point that you’re hitting on here, the relationship between creating a device in the cloud and tying that to a physical device, is not a seamless experience, and as you mentioned it is something that can be done by different personas. I was wondering, who typically handles the registration links to execute the registration in your team? Are they admins or operators?


Definitely admins. Execution at the shop-floor will be executed by IT staff.