Release 222 - February 2022

These are the product updates in release 222 of the Tulip platform.

Release 222 will be live to all production customers by 02/04/2022.

Introducing the Display Devices page

The new Display Devices page under the Shop Floor menu makes it easy to create and manage devices in your operation.

Previously, Display Devices were managed on the Stations page, which could be cumbersome for setting up multiple devices. Now Stations and Display Devices can be managed separately.

On the page, you can find information for each device including the station the Display Device is assigned to, a Station Group, a registration share link or details about how the device was registered, the device software, and the current status of the Display Device. The Display Device registration links replace the shareable station feature.

Display Devices can be created with the ‘Create Display Device’ button, or with the dropdown option for ‘Create multiple’. Creating multiple Display Devices speeds up the process of deploying Tulip to your operation.

If you are managing a large number of devices, the page can be filtered and sorted to make it easier to find specific devices. An option to download a .csv file of all of the devices is available as well.

Improvements and Bug Fixes:

  • HTTP connector functions support image input and output types. The value for an image type should be a URL that points to an actual image hosted on the internet
  • Registration of Display Devices with links is displayed in the Recent Activity Feed
  • Renamed Timeline Keys to Timeline Legend across the product
  • Renamed the ‘string_to_image_url’ expression function to ‘texttoimageurl’
  • Renamed the ‘parse_datetime_tz’ expression function to ‘TEXTTODATETIME’
  • Renamed the ‘date_trunc_tz’ expression function to ‘ROUNDDATETIME’
    • Timezone is now optional in these functions. Player timezone will be used if none is provided by the user
  • Enable assigning Apps to Station Groups. All Stations within the Station Group inherit the app assignments of the Station Group. New Stations created within a Station Group no longer will have the default app assignment as “Any published version”
  • Station group app assignment is reflected in the station UI
  • Fixed an issue with station pages reloading when Workspaces is enabled
  • Improved performance when searching in the apps menu in Player
  • Table analysis pages will not show an ellipsis if there is no subsequent page
  • The save button will not be disabled on the Bots edit modal
  • Hitting “Cancel” on the Add Analysis pop-up modal now closes the modal, instead of clearing any selected analyses
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