Registering display device on a shared Chromebook

Hi, for a while we’ve been struggling with the issue of registering the Tulip Player app on windows computers shared by multiple users (note that I’m referring to users logged in to different Windows profiles, on the same physical laptop). In the past, we were forced to create and register a new Tulip “machine” for each user in this case, even though they all lived on a single laptop.

With the new Apps @ Edge migration, I understand that this has been largely resolved; we are now able to create a single display device for a laptop, and all users of that laptop can access it without registering separately for each Windows user profile.

My question, however, is whether the same can be done when using the Web browser player instead of the Tulip app. Some of our computers are Chromebooks, so we have to rely on the web browser player for those. It seems to me that if you register the browser player for one chromebook user, and then a second person signs into their own chromebook account (on the same laptop), they are still forced to re-register the player separately. Is there a workaround for this? Ideally, we would want to be able to register the web browser player once for a single chromebook laptop, and then have all users of that laptop be able to use the player in their browser - without having to re-register it for each person. Thanks for your feedback.

@mhostage - for your visibility, here is where I initially documented the Chromebook issue we discussed in today’s meeting. It’s classified under “Support and Troubleshooting” - let me know if I should create a new post as a Feature Request instead.

In addition to the initial post, let me add that resolving this issue would allow us to more accurately correlate our station count with the number of actual computers we use, which is necessary for license estimation. Thanks.

(FYI @janani.rajendran)