Enable Device Triggers For Web Browser Apps

There are situations where 2 apps need to be running at a station simultaneously. This requires one of them to be running on a web browser as you cannot have two instances of the Tulip Player running. When the app is running on a web browser, I have found that device triggers will not work.


Hi @jacob.dahlgren - Thanks for the suggestion. Can you explain more about the cases when you have multiple Players running at the same station?

Hi @pete,

Specifically running a work instruction app and an app for Vision.

Since Vision uses a device trigger, it requires to be run on the desktop Tulip Player. This means the work instruction must run on a web based player, which I’ve concluded does not support device triggers. So for something like a badge scanner to work on a web based app it would need to be connected to an Edge MC.

An alternative would be to allow for multiple desktop Tulip Players.

Hope this clarifies things.


Hi @jacob.dahlgren
Thanks for the explanation, sounds like an interesting use case. Would you be interested in having a call to talk about it more? If so, please feel free to schedule something here.