Edge IO - Tulip Player issues

Hi Support Team,

I’m trying to use our Edge IO as a display device to run the Tulip Player on, but I happened to have some problems when trying to do so. I attached an image about the weirdest one. I registered an Edge IO to one of our instances and tried to use a barcode scanner when running the Player on the Edge IO but in the App Editor that one, and others too (Edge MCs) appear as “undefined” devices. Unfortunately i don’t think that it’s just the name since there is no output from the scanner, doesn’t really matter how i set the triggers (output on “this station” did not work either). Another attempt was to reset the device and re-register (same results), and to register it to another instance (same, unfortunately).

I’m kind of out of ideas about what to try and how to try again.
Have you ever met this kind of anomaly before?
If anyone has any information or idea on why this is happening, please don’t hold it back!

Thank you!

Hi @kobe, it’s possible that the EdgeIO isn’t associated to the Station where Player is running. I understand this is confusing, so bear with me and I’ll try to explain.

When Player is running, it’s best to think of it as almost running on a separate computer. As part of Player setup, you would name the Display Device and name the Station (or assign to an existing one). The next step would be to go to your factory instance online, go to the stations page, and assign the Edge device to station.

I’ll ask support to follow up with you and make sure you’re all set, or collect any additional info if something strange is going on.

best regards
Edge Team Product Manager

@kobe, please email support@tulip.co if you have any additional questions / concerns. I will also keep an eye on this post.