Print from Edge IO Tulip player

I have an Edge IO running Tulip player.
How do I move forward to add a printer to the device?
I can not see any options for it in the driver collection.

It is a standard A4 that should be printed.

I got this dialog window after Print Step was triggered.


Hey @oviland -

Talked to our hardware team about this. This is an application of EIO they hadn’t considered. While the backend of the OS is Linux so print commands are handled (which is what you are seeing), we dont expose the endpoints to add printers to these devices. Can you give a little more context around the usecase you are looking to achieve?

I’ll write up a feature request for this!

Thank you for your quick replay.

We use this station to log and have a link between several serial numbers. One of the serial numbers is the product serial number. This serial number should be entered into our ERP system. (We do not have an integration for that at the moment)
Since this Tulip station is not situated next to a computer running the ERP I thought a printed list would be an option.

One other option is to use Boomi and pull the needed data over to another system.

A second option could maybe be Tulip Analytics!
I am not very familiar with the Tulip Analytics though.
Is it possible to list table data filtered by an input value (input from within analytics)?