Printer to Edge IO

Hello everyone,

I currently have an Edge IO connected to a Zebra printer. I would like to know if it is possible to connect an Epson printer to the same edge or if an other edge is needed ?


Hi, @Fiora

To connect an Epson printer to your Tulip Edge IO, you need to ensure that the Edge IO is connected to the same network as the Epson printer. You can connect the Edge IO to a wireless network by following the steps outlined in
(How to Set Up Wireless Connection on Edge IO). Once the Edge IO is connected to the network, you can connect the Epson printer to the same network.
You can then add the Epson printer to the Edge IO by following the instructions provided by Epson in
(Epson Connect Printer Setup for Windows | Epson US).

If you are unable to connect the Epson printer to the same network as the Edge IO, you can use a different Edge IO to connect the Epson printer. You can find more information on how to set up an Edge IO in
(Edge IO).

I hope this helps!

Hi @akshay,

Thanks for your help, I’ll try that !

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We tried to do what you suggested. And followed this step The edge is connected to the wifi. However, we can’t find the Epson printer in the list of drivers. Are you sure Epson is allowed to connect to Edge ?


Is it a label Printer that listenes to a Printer Language as ZPL?
Chances are, you can address it without any edge device (by a connector).
That is what I did for a Honeywell Printer.

I will document what I did in January or so…


It’s not a ZPL printer. Actually, I have a Zebra printer already conneted to the edge that works perfectly

Thanks for your answer

Hey @Fiora !

Thanks for reaching out. A few things:

  1. Unfortunately, I think @akshay 's response isn’t as applicable here - that appears to be the method to link the Epson printer to a Windows device. Tulip Edge Devices are Linux devices.

  2. I do not think there’s a supported method to print to non-serial printers on Node-RED, and know that there isn’t one in Tulip. (In fact, the reason the Zebra printer works is that it’s not a ‘document’ printer, all that’s sent to it is code instead) So, I believe the only ways to get this to work would be either:

a. Determine if the Epson printer can do anything over Serial connection (this might get pretty technical pretty fast, but if you’re familiar with node-RED this shouldn’t be too terrible)

b. Plug the Epson printer into your Windows Player device, and treat it as a normal printer with Windows.

Let me know if this helps!

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