Edge MC Zebra Label Printing

We are running the Tulip app on an android based mobile device, specially the Janam XT30. There is a label printing requirement as part of the overall process. The goal is to trigger label printing from within the Tulip app by the operator. No printer has been purchased but we are considering either the Zebra XD621 or 421 model. Different types of labels will be printed from each printer, based on input from within the Tulip app - probably looking at 4 total printers.

Can we use a Edge MC connector for each individual printer to integrate our Tulip app to the Zebra printer?


Hi @jschmid53,
As long as these printers support ZPL 2 and can be networked, you can integrate these with Tulip. Edge MCs will be sufficient to integrate these printers with your android device!


Just to add on to what @Het said -
You can absolutely print to 4 different printers from a single app (or multiple different apps, or multiple devices running the same app).


Thanks for the reply. Would the management work the same as the documentation for integrating zebra to an IoT gateway? How To Integrate a Zebra Printer with Tulip | Tulip Knowledge Base - Support for Building Operations Apps