Multiple Zebra printers to a gateway

looking print multiple-sized labels per station. Is it possible to set up multiple Zebra printers per gateway?

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hello @Ken_DLC, just to confirm are the printers connected via an IP address?? if so, only 1 printer can be connected currently per Gateway.

however, if you were to connect them via USB or Network (Using the Zebra Network Printer Driver | Tulip Help Center - Support for Building Manufacturing Apps) you can have more than 1 printer.

does this make sense?? let us know if you have further questions!!

Have you looked into this driver?

You can use the zebra driver direct from player. (without out a gateway).

You define the ip addresses in the app trigger so can print to multiple devices from the same station.

Thanks, @gio @EddyA this makes sense. how can I print custom ZPL templates with the Zebra network driver? Is this possible?
I see the option to print Custom ZPL where “at” is not to a gateway where the ZPL is stored.

You want to print custom zpl to a gateway zebra printer? Or with the non gateway version?

For the gateway if you send it zpl (instead of text)
it will print it :slight_smile:

Non gateway version. To a networked printer.

Should be a drop down for ZPL as per the article.

The trigger is like this or if you want to include variables in your code can use the expression editor.

there isn’t, or maybe I’m doing something wrong?
there is no option for a Custom ZPL template name or selection.

If the ZPL is static paste it where I have circled

Or use the expression if you want to add variables.

Add quotes at beginning and end - red pen
Add your variables - circled in blue

For the expression editor, how do I add the custom ZPL + variables?

this is perfect! thank you so much

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Is it possible to connect a zebra printer to a gateway/EMC via usb, rather than connect through IP address? In our case we already have two GK series printers but they don’t have an ethernet port

@ulisesgomez Hello Ulises, would it be possible that you can send the full model numbers of your two GK series printers?

@jfasenjo Of course,

Model: Zebra printer GK420d
Part #: GK42-20510-000

Model: Zebra printer GK420t
Part #: GK42-102510-000

Let me know if those were the numbers you were looking for