Dropdown to select which Zebra printer to use from Table

I’d like to have the available Zebra printers and template names saved in a tulip table and the operators pick the one to use from a dropdown. Unfortunately, I don’t see any way to dynamically update which printer to use in the Device function ‘Zebra Printer’. Is there any work around for that?

We’re going to be adding a bunch of different printers and label templates and I don’t want to have to go back and manually update each app.

Hey @Gary,

There isn’t a way to dynamically update the printer in this manner because Edge devices are paired 1:1 with printers via an IP set at the driver setting.

What’s the primary OS you’re running the Tulip Player on? If it’s Windows, it’s possible you can swap to use the Zebra Network Printer driver, which allows you to pass in the printer’s IP address dynamically. This would somewhat change the way you pass in ZPL (no concept of templates) but you could use expressions or variables to change this.



We were planning on having multiple edge devices, with a printer each. We do mostly use windows, so I’ll take a look at the other function and manually embed the ZPL

Hi @Gary,

We are planning to add dynamic printer support to Edge devices but I don’t believe we have an estimated time yet for when that would be added.

Hey @Gary,
I learned the best way to handle dynamic printing templates and location is through a connector function to NodeRed. We print tags and labels that are auto populate and bypasses any of the windows print box headache. It works really well for us and also eliminated the need for an edge device for per printer. Let me know if you have questions.