Printing labels in ZPL

I have a question about printing labels via Tulip: I currently use the Zebra Network Printer – Print Custom ZPL function for printing. I created a loop with a counter in order to print several labels in succession: these labels are then printed 1 by 1 according to the increment of the counter. However, we have certain areas that need to print the same label 100 times: this becomes long and disruptive (noise) because the 100 labels are printed 1 to 1. Do you know if it would be possible to print a large number of labels in one go?

Hi @elodie.cazenave;

if you add ^PQ100 at the end of your ZPL, right before the closing ^XZ the same Label gets printed 100 times (just put the number you need instead of 100)

Hope that helps…


Ok I’m going to try that ! Thanks !