Printing different labels at once

Sometimes we have to print several series number labels. The label format is the same (article, batch, etc. ) only the serial number changes. Would it not be possible to use an array as an input parameter of the printing action on a Zebra? Printing would be triggered for all values in the array.

Good morning @youri.regnaud,

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Just to confirm, have you tried using the Custom Label function with your Zebra printer and sending the array as the Variable?

Using logic as seen below, you can send an array (bearing in mind you do need to set up the ZPL to accordingly to process the array you’re sending):

More information on Custom Labels:

Let me know your thoughts on this!



Thanks for your answer. My issue is to print several labels in one trigger action based. Each record in array will print a label. For example array is a array of serial number. When i trigger printing action, all labels for each serial number will be printed.

No problem @youri.regnaud. And have you tried setting up logic similar to this to print a label for each of the items in the array?