Printing several labels on Zebra

It is sometimes necessary to print the same label several times (80 in our case). Would it not be possible to add a parameter to the number of labels to be printed on a Zebra printer?

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Good morning @youri.regnaud,

This is a great suggestion! Our engineering team has been notified of this suggestion, we’ll keep you posted as there are updates.



Hey Youri, we discussed this at our team meeting today. We are going to consider it as part of a larger project on enabling looping behavior in apps.

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Hi @kevin.kononenko,
How you can provide a better capability to create looping in apps ?
Better way than go to a screen and go back to another, multiple times…

^PQ command in Zebra enable to print several time the same label. A new variable in Zebra configuration in GW will do the job!

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thanks for sharing this @youri.regnaud!!