Edge IO - Tulip Player, performance!

I just connected a screen to an Edge IO device to test the built in Tulip Player.
It has very low performance.
When comparing with Tulip Player on a Windows PC it is at least 10 times slower when performing some triggers (read/write to three different tables)

Windows PC, 1-2 seconds
Edge IO Tulip Player, 10-15 seconds

The Edge IO is connected by WiFi and Network Check gives Pass for all five tests.
Windows PC is connected by cable.

Is this expected performance?
Can there be some issues on the wireless network that slow down the performance?

Edge IO software version eMMC-os49.2-nanopi-core2-stable.
I have not been able to test Edge IO connected to a fully open cabled network.

hi @oviland, depending on app complexity, a Windows PC will far outperform the Edge IO. can you describe what you’re running?

On step enter: Generate serialized number based on product type, WeekYear and existing serial numbers stored in table. Then store generated serial number to table.
For this I use three different table aggregations in several expressions.

One interactive table showing serial numbers for current order.

I have removed a connector function from the trigger which did a lookup in a table.
Not tested for performance improvement on Edge IO player yet.

Edit 2:
The trigger use 13-14 seconds.
I have also noticed there is a delay when using the standard Menu button and buttons like Restart App and Begin etc. The delay is between 0.5-1.0 second. Is this how we should expect the performance of the IO Edge Player to be?
Can you test this and see if you get the same result?

Have you been able to look further into this?

Hey @oviland

Just shot you a direct message. We can test your app on our hardware today and see if we are seeing similar performance.

Thanks for the bump, this slipped through my inbox

Unfortunately, we at Technicon have the same issue when attempting to use the Tulip Edge IO at clients. We are trying to use the Edge IO devices as Tulip Player clients on shop floors, however the performance issues prevents us from running what we would consider as fairly simple apps. The apps we are referring to might display machine data or display a table and allow the user to create or update a single row at a time. We feel that the performance issue severely limits the practical applications of the Edge IO device.

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