Slow player connection (vision)

Hello Tulip team,
I’m trying out some ideas using Tulip vision but since I’ve the warning “Slow player connection” I’m not making a lot of progress . Do you have any recommendation ?
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(in the gif I’m trying to show that 2 region have the same settings (but only one can detect changes) and I’ve a delay of maybe 0,5-1s between my action and the camera + 0,5-1s between the player and the configuration of the camera in the app builder)

thanks for posting @pte!!

we can certainly help out with this. to help us debug, could you share the screenshot and JSON from the: https://{{instance_name}} page??


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Hi @pte,

Note that the “Slow player connection” warning only concerns the video preview you are seeing and we are aware that there are some false positives in trying to detect slow connections.
Also, the delay of 0,5-1s is expected. But it is only present in the video preview. Event detected by Vision will get send faster to your triggers for processing (because all Vision computations happen at the edge in Player, unlike the video preview which must be send to the cloud). If you hover with your mouse cursor over the (i) next to the station name the actual computation speed will be shown. It should show around 30 computations per second.

From looking at your gif I cannot explain why the “fail region” won’t get triggered. Can you please try to reload Player via “View” → “Release (Browser)” or re-create the region? Does the camera’s depth sensor have a clear view of the area (i.e., nothing is blocking parts of the camera)? If the problem persists, please share a screenshot of your Player’s about dialog.

Best, Felix

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Thank you Felix and Gio for your explanation.
With that in mind I will do more test next Tuesday at my office and keep you updated :slight_smile: