Intel Realsense Camera 415 stopped working with Tulip App

Hello, I am desperately trying to get some help for my situation. I have been working on an application for management and have lost functionality of my vision depth camera. (Intel Realsense depth camera D415). A couple of things have happend while I was working on the application that may have contributed to the issue. The firmware for the camera was updated, the serial driver was enabled on my instance, and I created new logic for a jig detector.

What is happening is inbetween 9am and 11am MST yesterday my instances can no longer see the camera, and show it is active, but it will not load and I cannot see what the camera sees in the application.

The camera area just spins and I get two errors, the intial error is that the tulip player is not connected but then after 15 seconds it says it could not connect to the camera.

Things I have tried:

  • Uninstall and reinstall tulip player.
  • update firmware and downrev the firmware.
  • Create and connect a new config with the same camera.


  • None of my cameras work at any station.
    Making me think this is not just a firmware update issue.
  • I have found that a different instance of tulip does not have the issues I have listed up above making me think that it is not the cameras.