Camera fails using Vision

I am working in a new application to integrate " Vision"
When I tried to configure 2 different cameras as a change detector, it never gave me a signal as if they were working (changing its color to green.)

These are the models of the cameras that I used, probably they are not compatible to tulip.
Logitech C510
LOGITECH 860-000504

Attached is what it appears in each camera after selected a region and placed anything inside the selected region


Hey Luis, we’re glad that you’re using Vision. Currently, the Change detector feature requires a depth camera to work. We recommend using the Intel Realsense D415 camera. The Logitech cameras that you specified are RGB cameras, currently only the Jig Detector feature is supported for RGB Cameras. You can take a look at this support article [] which lays out the hardware requirements for using Vision. Let us know if you need any more help in setting Vision up, and help us in improving the product more!