Cameras that are compatible with vision

I would like to use the vision function, but is it only supported by the Intel RealSense D415?
Is the Intel RealSense D435 not supported?

hello @da-noguchi, this article has a description of all the supported cameras for Vision: Hardware Recommendations for Vision | Tulip Knowledge Base - Support for Building Operations Apps. as you can see:

For regular RGB (Color) cameras we do not have a strong recommendation, since most off-the-shelf USB cameras should work with Vision.

and if you’d like to use a depth camera:

For depth cameras, Vision only supports the Intel RealSense D415 depth camera (which can be procured directly from Intel).

hope this helps!!

Hello @gio ,

I checked that description.
I knew that D415 was the only way to go.
D415 is hard to find, so I was wondering if I could substitute it.

Hi @da-noguchi , we haven’t extensively tested with the D435 camera, but since it belongs to the same D4xx camera family, there’s no reason to believe that it wouldn’t work. So you can try using the D435 camera as well if that’s readily available.
I hope this was helpful!

Hello @saifvazir ,

I see.
So I’ll buy the one that’s easier to get hold of.

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