Can you attach a Camera to the EDGE MC unit via USB?

Hello, I know that there are some drivers that are easily able to activate certain items like scanners, scales, etc. Is there a way I can attach my webcam to the edge mc? If not could that be implemented in the future?

Hi Shrmnatr,

Thanks for the question! Currently we do not support this use case. For connecting a webcam, we recommend you check out the Using IP Camera with Vision article in our Knowledge base.

Connecting a camera via the Edge MC or Edge IO is something we’re considering for the future, but are not actively working on at this time.

Hey thanks for the response, I read the article and one problem I see is that those cameras seem to be unavailable or discontinued. Are there any other IP cameras that have been tested for vision and IP usage?








@Shrmnatr Thanks for the question
For IP cameras - any camera that supports RTSP can work with Tulip Vision.
However before purchasing please verify and double check that RTSP support does exist and it does in fact work for past users.
You can search “RTSP camera” on Amazon for example, but many of the models you will see in that search in fact don’t support RTSP. Only if you look at the specifications and FAQs you can verify.
Brands like Amcrest, Reolink, Hikvision and SV3C have decent offerings for RTSP cameras, but each specific model needs to be verified for RTSP support.