Install Edge MC to a remote location


I was wondering if it would be possible to install Edge MC devices and connect sensors to it, but instead of using them in our facility to install them in our customers locations so that we can monitor stock levels on specific parts that we supply.
Once the Edge MC device is registered to our tulip account, can it be connected to any network that has an internet connection?
And as these would be installed on mobile racks that would move between locations, can it re-connect to any nearby available networks?

Has anyone tried to do something similar?


hello @alin.sala, thanks for posting!! these are great questions.

once the Edge MC is connected to the internet and authenticated to a specific Tulip cloud instance (and sensors are connected to it), all the data is streamed to that Tulip instance. from there, you can use the information from anywhere in the world once logged in to that Tulip instance.

would you be reconnecting it to a new ethernet port every time it’s moved?? I can’t imagine there being an issue with this, so long as the connection allows communication to the Tulip cloud.

@Dave, do I remember correctly that you were planning on having Gateways be mobile around your facility?? if so, could you provide some information on that process works?? thanks in advance for your help!!

and thanks again for posting @alin.sala

Hi @gio ,

Thanks for getting back to me.
It would probably need to connect wireless.
The racks would move between our warehouse where we would fill them up with parts, then to our customers factory where he will use the parts in an assembly line, where we would need to track the stock inside the rack. Once it is empty we will need to trigger a new shipment to that location and a pickup for the empty rack.
This would be the ideal use case.
Not sure yet what sensors to use as we are currently designing the racks.
Also we will probably need to integrate a battery to power the edge mc as the racks will move internally in the customer plant.
So assuming we will provide the power for the Edge MC I needed to know if it can connect wirelessly to the available open networks inside the factory. And keep searching for them if moved around and lost connection.


ahh OK, thanks for the additional context @alin.sala. this is an interesting use case you’re developing!!

have you taken a look at this post by any chance: Terex - Rock Hill, SC - Automated COVID-19 Scanning Station?? @Alan.Madorin developed a great mobile station that is: 1. wireless and 2. battery operated which means it can be moved around the facility.

hope this helps!! let us know if you have further questions.