EDGE MC Device setup

I just received 10 Edge MC devices. I’m going through the process of setting them up, but I cannot connect to them through the IP address. I can connect to the access point for the specific device, and I can ping, but I cannot connect through the browser window.


Can you make sure that the browser is using instead of

Definitely using the http and NOT https.
We simply get the reply that the site can’t be reached.

FYI, we have another EDGE MC that was purchased a couple of months ago that was configured and has been working.

Ok. Can you connect to the LAN port over Ethernet? The address for that should be Also is the device’s red LED heartbeating?

Another thing to check is that your browser is not configured to use a proxy server. The proxy server will not be reachable when connected via Wifi to the device.

The LAN port @ works. The Wifi is not configured to use a proxy server.

Glad to hear that the LAN port is working.

Could you please open a support ticket so we can try and diagnose why the AP connection isn’t working? Please turn on and include the Remote Access details in the ticket.

Tried to submit a ticket twice and received an error both times. Not sure if it is an actual error, but seems that the ticket did not work.

Hey Dee,

While we investigate why the support ticket is not coming through, can you send an email to support@tulip.co with the details that @amisch requested above? This will create a support ticket automatically and we can start investigating the Edge MC issue!