Edge MC: LAN port

I would like to connect a device to the LAN port of the Edge MC (the device is an IO link master).
Does this port can provide an IP address to my device (with DHCP)? Or does it have a fixed IP address? (in this case what is this address?)
My goal is to interact with this device with HTTP requests from Node-RED.
I cannot find information about this LAN port, do you know where it is available?
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regarding your question, have you by any chance taken a look at this topic: Machine connector host using Edge MC?? based on what I’m understanding, your questions should be addressed there.

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I am currently using a router to connect the Edge MC to my IO-Link master device. The connector host to Node-RED works fine. But I wanted to get rid of the router.
My question was: is it possible to connect directly (i.e. without router) an ethernet device to the Edge MC’s LAN port?

Hi @Emmanuel

Yes there is. In the link above (the title is misleading), you will see a discussion about the DHCP range of the LAN port. Quoting:

The Edge MC assigns an address in the range to devices connected on the LAN port.

  • We currently do not provide a report of the assigned IP addresses on LAN
  • As a workaround, if you can assign a static IP to your device (prior to plugging into the LAN port) in the range of, should be able to connect to your device when you test out the connector host.

In an upcoming firmware release, we will report the DHCP addresses and MACs of devices connected to the AP and LAN port in the Gateway Portal webpage on the device. The user can check the IP address and avoid the static configuration.

Sorry, I assumed you were linking to the knowledge base article and not a topic in the forum. My bad.
I will try to assign an IP address in the range to my device. that should solve my problem.
Thank you!

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hello @Emmanuel!! I just wanted to quickly follow up on this - were you able to solve the problem after assigning the IP address??

Yes, knowing that the IP range is, I assigned a static IP address to my device ( to solve the problem.

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great to hear @Emmanuel!!