Machine connector host using Edge MC

Hi we have a large 3d printer running Octoprint in our shop and we are able to connect to it using one of the Edge MS’s as the machine connector host and using the IP and port of the 3d printer. The 3d printer and Edge MC are plugged into our network separately.

When we tried hooking up the printer’s ethernet connection directly to the “LAN” port on the edge MC we are no longer able to access that IP address and port and we get an “Ehostunreach” error. The Edge MC is connected to the internet through the “WAN” port

Is there a way to configure the connector to be able to connect to that printer through the Edge MC as we would like to move all our equipment to a different network?

What is the most recent version. It looks like this one is running 38.1


The response was intended for the Node-red discussion [here].

Will update on this soon.

Hi and @gio ,

The Edge MC assigns an address in the range to devices connected on the LAN port.

  • We currently do not provide a report of the assigned IP addresses on LAN
  • As a workaround, if you can assign a static IP to your device (prior to plugging into the LAN port) in the range of, should be able to connect to your device when you test out the connector host.

Hi, That worked great. I just assigned and a subnet and the connector seems to be connecting to the equipment just fine.

I will use that trick again. This way we can have all our Edge MC’s on the machine-only wifi network and keep Tulip partitioned from the other sensitive network.

In the future, we are going to build out a VLAN for our system but this should get us going until then.



Glad it worked – thanks @amisch.