Edge MC: surface not accessible

Hi all,
hoping I’m at the correct place for our problem…

We are using a Edge MC for our barcode printer, what worked fine up to a network error (blackout).
Now we can’t connect to the surface of the Edge: ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED
But I can see the device is up and running, I did an update of the firmware via dashboard, but the barcode printer and I can’t connect to the device. The IP range is ok .
What can I do without resetting the device (and loosing all the barcode templates)?

Restarting the device does not change anything.

Regards Chris

Hi @ChrisF

Can you double check that the IP Address of the printer matches the configuration in the EMC?

Have you tried resetting the printer (not the EMC)? This shouldn’t affect the barcode templates.

Alex Misch

Hi Alex,
thanks for your answer.
Printer reset makes no changes.
The IP of EMC and Printer haven’t changes, but I can not check the printer IP inside the EMC cause I have no access to the EMC surface (see title).
I guess I have to reset the EMC by our technicians

Regards Chris