Scan Barcode into Node-red through Edge MC

I’m interested in scanning barcode information directly into node-red through the Edge MC. If I connect a USB barcode scanner as a KB wedge or as a serial device, I can put barcode data into Node-red on my PC. But, I’m not sure if it is possible to configure the Edge MC device to handle this data to go into node-red. How would I go about getting the driver into the device to recognize the scanner?
When I connect the scanner set up for serial, I see a new device show up in the serial port list, but I get the error shown when I deploy the flow.

Node-red EDGE MC serial error
Node-red serial edge MC

Hey Dee,
Thanks for getting in touch!
We are looking into this issue and will circle back early next week with some suggestions!


Hi Dee,
I’m Sam, an engineer on the hardware team. Can you share more information about your barcode scanner?

It’s just a Symbol LS2208 that I’ve configured to emulate a serial device.

Hi @dee.brann,

ttyACM0 and ttyACM1 support will be available in OS44 (slated for release in the next two weeks).

Hi Matt, Thanks for the update. I look forward to testing this.