Terex - Rock Hill, SC - Automated COVID-19 Scanning Station

Since returning to work in April, AWP Rock Hill, South Carolina team members have participated in a daily COVID-19 screening process similar to procedures implemented at Terex facilities around the globe. Recently, the Rock Hill team developed a new, touchless, fully automated COVID-19 temperature scanner, improving the efficiency of the screening process while also enhancing safety by reducing face-to-face interactions.

The new temperature scanning system comprises a tablet and thermal scanner that are powered by a rechargeable battery pack and a gateway and application powered by Tulip, the digital manufacturing solution being implemented across AWP. This allows the station to be entirely wireless and placed anywhere in the facility. Now, when a team member arrives at the Rock Hill facility, he or she scans a QR code on their badge — an enhancement implemented in preparation for the new touchless system — and steps into position for a temperature check.

Team members whose temperatures read higher than 100.4 degrees are allowed a re-scan in the event of a faulty reading. HR and HSE receive text messages to alert them to any repeat high temperatures so that, if necessary, team members can be asked to remain home for the appropriate length of time under the Terex COVID-19 return-to-work protocols.

The new system took only two weeks to build and cost just over $500, including the cost of the tablet and scanner.

Video - Terex - Rock Hill, SC - Tulip COVID Scanning Station



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@Alan.Madorin – awesome! Thanks for the beta-testing with the Edge MC hardware.

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