Can we connect Vision to Mobile Camera?

Hey Tulip Team,

I have been using Vision, using my laptop web-cam and was able to use and design app using Color Detector, OCR Detector, Snapshot, Barcode Detector.

Can we configure / Connect, Vision to mobile camera, I tried connecting to my mobile, but it keeps connecting and nothing moves forward.

Can it be done ? If Yes, then please guide.


Hi @sumeet.sabat, if I understand your question correctly, I don’t think it’s possible to use the camera embedded in your mobile phone with Tulip vision. I’d like to get a second opinion from @Reshef.Gadot in case this isn’t the case. Please also let me know if I’ve mischaracterized your question.

Hi John, You got the question correctly.

Hi @sumeet.sabat ,
Currently it is not possible to use Vision Camera configuration on a mobile device.
Some of the applications such as snapshots, barcodes readings and OCR (via a connector function) can be used with the Camera Input Widget.

Are you building a specific application for mobile devices?

Ok got it. Can you please link some videos or study material as in how to use OCR via connector function.

Hi Sumeet. I’m just in the process of writing an article for our knowledge base on how to use connectors for OCR with Tulip.
I’ll be happy to get on a quick call with you and show you what we got.