Vision on iOS or Android with embedded camera

Is there a way, or are there any plans, to exploit vision capabilities using integrated cameras on iOS (iPad, iPhone) or Android (Zebra TC…) devices?

Hi @youri.regnaud,

Thanks for the questions. It’s always exciting to hear how customers would like to use parts of the Tulip platform in different ways and places.

Currently Vision is still in Beta and only has support for Windows. With that being said, there is some very limited vision functionality when using iOS or Android. You limited to the barcode scanner and taking snapshotting.

Vision is a unique part of the Tulip Platform because it requires such tight development with the target operating system. Our focus right now is on building out the core vision features and user experience. We are looking at which platforms should support vision in the future. At this time, we don’t have a timeline for supporting platforms other than Window.

Hey Yuri :wave:

I would add that for many applications you can use the camera widget (not the vision one) to capture an image. This should work on any device, including android and iOS.

With the image URL you can use OCR with a connector or even custom model such as object detection or classification deployed with a lambda function.

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