Read a Text using camara and convert to barcode

Dear community !

I am looking for a solution to read a text using the camara and then convert from text to barcode.
is it possible?

@LXM8843 hi!
That’s a good use case for using Tulip Vision.
Please take a look this support articles on how to get started:

This will give you pretty powerful OCR for reading text, even in harsh condition images.
In order to convert the text to OCR you will need a separate API service, to which you can connect with another Connector Function.
Luckily such services exist: Barcode Generate | Developer Portal
You will get back an image with the Barcode.


@LXM8843 another thing - Tulip has built-in barcode generator widget in Apps: Under “Embed” find “Barcode”, and you can put any value in the barcode and it will generate a barcode.

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Thank you @royshilkrot , do you mean typing something and then generate a barcode , right? , if so, I am thinking just use the camera (without typing) due to sometimes we have a lot of words and numbers involved.

You can certainly take, automatically, the result of the OCR operation and store it in a variable - which the barcode generator widget will immediately show on screen.

Do you mind saying what is the final usage for the barcode?
Do you need it on screen? or in a file? or e.g. an email?

Sorry for my late response @royshilkrot , I want to use it in a mobile, will be OCR vision available for use in mobile? or only windows ?

Hi @LXM8843 , Vision is currently supported only on Windows-based devices. That being said, you can definitely use it with Windows-based tabs (eg. Surface tablet) where Vision would auto-detect the built-in webcam from the tab.


Thank you @saifvazir , are you considering vision in mobile devices in near future?

Unfortunately, we don’t have any plans in the near future to support Vision on mobile (Android/iOS) devices.

:frowning: ok thank you , It´s a pity !