Image to text functionality

Hey. I am looking for options to speed up data entry into Tulip. Does Tulip have an image to text functionality?

Has somebody tried to use Google Lens and Google’s Cloud Vision API to fill the text field in Tulip app?

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Using Googles OCR API and it works pretty good so far. There are instances where it reads two 1’s as H’s, etc. overall it works pretty well and runs ~$1/1000 words (? don’t quote me on that).

I’m not sure if that functionality is native yet or if you’re still required to use Googles API for this.

Maybe @Het or @royshilkrot can answer this for us?

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@Andres and @DewyWCI
We have an article on how to use Google OCR: Using Vision's Snapshot feature with an External OCR Service | Tulip Knowledge Base - Support for Building Operations Apps
The costs are extremely low: ~$1/1,000 documents/images, and there’s a “free tier” (first 1,000 images / month) so you’re only going to start paying from image #1,001.
Google’s OCR is also very powerful and can read handwriting as well.

@Andres what is your use case? are you reading forms / invoices / shipping labels?
If you’re looking into these types of documents - consider:

Thanks for the information. I will test this out.

Our use case is to read handwritten lot numbers on boxes and engraved part numbers from parts.

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@Andres Please let us know if you need any assistance!