VisionOCR Detector - Featureflag

Hi team,
Currently we are using LTS10.1 and trying to enable the VisionOCRdetector featureflag but it shows status as “development” and i can’t enable it.
is this feature not enabled for LTS10.1?

Hi @Kasilingam.samy -

Chatted with the Tulip Team and this feature flag is a vision add on and comes with an additional price. We can enable it for you if you want to use it, but it can have limited accuracy in certain scenarios. For reading characters from a video stream, this FF is a great option. Another option to consider here is using a Textract connector. Tulip OCR with AWS Textract

Another option coming with LTS 12 is using Frontline Copilot (Tulip AI) for OCR. You can see @Reshef.Gadot’s post of it in action here: Using mobile device Camera App to take high resolution and focused pictures. This Knowledge Base article also covers handling OCR with Frontline Copilot: Extract Text

Hopefully these help!

Hi @Kasilingam.samy
Thanks for your message. As Beth mentioned the OCR Detector has limited accuracy, but it is good for specific use cases when character detection from a live video stream is needed.
Co-pilot (LTS 12) will be the best way to go. As of now I can recommend and alternative using a connector function to AWS Textract OCR. You can read some more here Tulip OCR with AWS Textract.
If this meets your requirement we can help you set up the connector function.


Hi @Beth @Reshef.Gadot

thanks so much for the prompt response. i will check with my team internally if we can enable it with additional cost or not. in case any requirement, i will create a support case and work on it.


Hi @Beth @Reshef.Gadot

Thanks for the info! May i know How much is the additional price if we enable the VisionOCRdetector featureflag ? Would it affect all of our instances or can we turn/pay for the feature for individual sites? we have totally 26 instances for each Pre-prod & Prod environment.

I will connect you with Reshef via email to discuss pricing further! He will be back in office after the Easter holidays.

Hi @Kasilingam.samy

The license will open the feature for the instance and the price is per camera/station using Tulip Vision.