Intuitive, No-code Vision Capabilities Now Available with Beta - November 2020

Today, we are excited to announce intuitive, no-code computer vision capabilities in Tulip! A Change Detector and a Jig Detector are the first set of detectors to become available to customers. They are now available in beta to all Tulip Accounts and integrated with the newest release of the Tulip Player.

With the Vision in Tulip, turn off-the-shelf cameras into powerful computer vision technology that you can add to your apps:

  • Increase quality by extending human capabilities with issue detection and real-time feedback
  • Boost productivity by incorporating vision and logic triggers into powerful and streamlined workflows
  • Save supervisor time and benefit from rich data by conducting continuous time studies
  • Build up vision capabilities quickly, gradually, and without disrupting operations

The new Vision capabilities include change detectors and jig detectors with more detectors in the pipeline. These capabilities build on the previously-available barcode and QR code reading capabilities. New potential use cases include pick-to-light, material flow, automatic data collection, time studies, and quality assurance use cases.

Change Detection

The Change Detector lets users define regions or interests and detect changes such as hand movements for use cases such as pick-to-light. Because change detection is measured as a movement at a distance from the surface, a depth camera is required. Tulip has tested and recommends the Intel RealSense Depth Camera.

Jig Detection

The Jig Detector allows users to print and affix specialized stickers to items to detect movement such as the arrival of material. Most RGB cameras will work for jig detection.

Get started now with Vision.