Using mobile device Camera App to take high resolution and focused pictures

Hi all. Reshef from Tulip here.
Wanted to share with you a quick solution to take better images with your Mobile Tulip Apps.
The Tulip embedded camera widget is limited in resolution and will not allow you to focus the image by tapping the screen.
To overcome this try the following:

  • When creating the mobile app, select the Image Input Widget Phot input options to be Camera or file upload. (attached screenshot)
  • This will allow the user to upload a file from the phone/tablet instead of using the camera from the Tulip App.
  • When clicking the Upload button, the mobile device will ask if you want to upload a photo from the Photo Library or Take Photo.
  • Choose to Take Photo will send you to the mobile device camera app.
  • Focus the image, take the picture and approve to go back to Tulip and use the focus picture. (this will also allow you to save images with higher resolution than what the Tulip app allows.

Text extraction on this app done with Tulip AI Triggers. If you want to try it for Labels Verification or any other text extraction from pictures/documents feel free to reach out.