Image Input Widget - Resolution via Camera input

Hello community,

I have some use cases where the operator can take photos of goods in our warehouse (incoming new parts as well as returns). I am using the Image Input Widget for these as the apps as they can easily be used on different devices utilizing the internal camera but the image resolution seems to be fixed to 1280 pixels horizontally at 96 dpi. The photos are then saved alongside order and item specific data to tulip tables. Unfortunately the photos are too small to be used for documentation purposes.

Is there any way to increase the resolution of photos taken with the Image Input Widget?

You can get around this on e.g. an iPhone if you use a standard file upload widget rather than a camera input. When you’re asked for a file upload source you can then choose to use the camera to take a picture on the spot, which would take it at the highest resolution, and upload that photo to Tulip.