Tulip - Poor image quality

Tulip - When using the camera widget in Tulip, the image is gets very compressed and any writing is very difficult to read. Is it possible to do anything about this compression? The camera on the device is very high quality and when I upload the image into Tulip the quality is fine, but once I use the Tulip built in camera the quality is very low. I compared the two files and when using the Tulip camera, the resolution is 1280x700. When I use the device’s native camera the resolution is 3264x2448, which is about 3x higher.

Hi @Kasilingam.samy, thanks for the question!

Just to clarify, are you talking about the default resolution on the Image Input Widget (screenshot below)?

If so, in r262, the Tulip Team actually increased the default resolution from 1280 to 2560. Are you perhaps running on an earlier release?

Thanks for the response.
we are currently using LTS10.1 , may i know what is the default resolution for this version? and where it can be checked?

Ah yes, LTS10.1 includes only up to r249, so it would still have the default resolution of 1280.

LTS11 and above will include the default resolution of 2560.

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