Attempted to Create Barcode Scanner Through Camera - "Failed to Start Video" in App

Good morning Tulip team,

I have reviewed this article and followed the steps:

I am able to see that I am indeed receiving video input from the camera through the Vision section in Live Station View, and it’s connected to my station, but when I open my app it keeps saying Failed to Start Video.

Do you have any suggestions? I’m definitely stuck.

Hi @ashchav20,
Can you send an email to so we can investigate the issue here!


Good morning Het,

Will do. Before when I’ve only submitted questions to support I’ve been asked to submit my questions in Community.

The barcode scanner widget is different than the Tulip Vision “Barcode Detector”, and in fact these cannot be used together at the same time.

If you configure your camera as a Vision camera (e.g. assign a Camera Configuration and see the live view in the Shop Floor->Vision → Live View page) - then the camera is taken and cannot be used for the barcode widget.
You can set up the Camera Configuration to have a Barcode Detector and achieve the same result.