Barcode scanner is unavailable when awaking the tulip player which is running background

when awaking the tulip player which is running background on the mobile phone , the widget barcode scanner in the app is unavailable.
can the barcode sanner be connect to the camera on mobile automatically?

Can you confirm you want to use the mobile phone camera to scan a barcode? Not a separate bar code scanner. Also, is the mobile phone running Android or iOS?

Yes, app use the mobile phone camera to scan a barcode.
Android platform.

Thanks for the additional details. I tested with iOS and the camera for barcode scanning was active right away even after the app had run in the background for several days. Let me open a ticket to get this investigated further.

Hey @Xin

Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing when the barcode widget is unavailable?
You are using the android app from the google play store, right?

There is a fix that should go out next week to the android app that reloads apps when coming back from the app running in the background. If I can reproduce your issue I can test and verify that is also resolved.


Downloaded the player app from google play store.

when coming back from the background, the barcode widget displays the frame which doesn’t change even if you move the mobile phone

Hey Pete
Does this problem can be solved?

Hey @Xin -

Was able to recreate this on my end and it talking to the developers, we think there is a very high likelihood it will be resolved with the upcoming release of the app. There isn’t a super easy way for me to verify this until that update goes out, but I will verify again when it is live.


Hey @Pete_Hartnett

Thank you for your reply.

So, When the new version of the player will be roll out?
First, I can verify whether the new version resolved the issue on my end . If it doesn’t works, I will trouble you again.